Grants and Scholarships

We aim to offer research grants to adult students in areas of land law, property law and conveyance. We will also offer educational scholarships and financial relief to young children who need it the most. We envision a cycle of love, which encourages unconditional and endless giving by donations and offering educational financial aids to help children living in extreme conditions. No child should grow up without a formal education. Every child has a right to free, quality and formal education. We encourage other established charities and foundations to join the cycle of giving by continuing to make humanitarian donations and volunteering to other charities and good causes around the world. At the Hon. Justice Innocent Umezulike Foundation, we believe making a difference by continuously

giving to those who need it the most. We have therefore pledged to make 20 individuals and registered charities or good causes around the world. Our first donation went to Abdul, the displaced Syrian refugee photographed selling pens on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon while carrying his sleeping daughter Reem. You too can join the cycle of showing unrequited love by helping those in dire situations. Together we all can make a difference.