Annual Law Lecture

In the last quarter of every year, the Foundation hosts an Annual Law Lecture Series for undergraduate law students. This symposium fosters academic growth and equips future legal professionals with insights into emerging trends and challenges in the legal field.


Through our commemorations, the Foundation raises awareness, fosters education, and advocates for social justice, gender equality, and community empowerment.

Founders Day Celebration

Every year, on the 21st of September, the Honorable Justice Innocent Umezulike Foundation commemorates Founders Day, honoring the posthumous birthday of its esteemed founder, His Lordship, Honorable Justice Innocent Umezulike.

Grants and Scholarships

The Hon. Justice Innocent Umezulike Foundation provides grants to law scholars to help support their dreams of becoming lawyers and contributing to the development of a more civil society.

Humanitarian Initiatives

The Foundation is committed to positively impacting individuals and communities in need. Our humanitarian initiatives reflect our core values of compassion, empathy, and social responsibility, striving to address challenges and bring hope to those facing adversity.

International Women’s Day Webinar

This webinar serves as a vital platform for participants to gather valuable insights, skills, and strategies essential for navigating the complexities of their respective career fields and overcoming barriers to advancement.

Law Book Review Competition

The Law Book Review Competition is held in commemoration of World Book and Copyright Day, celebrated globally on April 23rd. This provides a platform for aspiring legal scholars and enthusiasts to showcase their literary and analytical skills while celebrating the importance of legal literature in contemporary society.

Law in School Program

With the Law in School program, we’re giving young adults a platform for learning the basics of the law, especially in the area of human rights.

Law Library

As an organization that is focused on building the capacity of law scholars and lawyers through legal research, the Hon. Justice Innocent Umezulike Law Library provides members with access to millions of printed law text and visuals covering different aspects of law.

Memorial Lecture and Book Presentation

The foundation organized a memorial lecture which assembled distinguished intellectuals in academia, bar, bench and politics to discuss current and present challenges in the legal system.

Moot Court Competition

The HJIUF National Moot Court Competition for Law Students is a prestigious event that showcases the legal prowess and advocacy skills of students from universities across Nigeria.

Moot, Mock, and Debate Bootcamp

The HJIUF Moot, Mock, and Debate Bootcamp is an intensive training program organised annually by the Foundation to hone the skills of aspiring advocates, orators and debaters amongst her undergraduate community.

National Debate Competition

This is a prestigious event open to undergraduate students from all academic disciplines across the country. The competition serves as a platform for participants to showcase their debating skills, critical thinking abilities, and eloquence on a wide range of topics.

National Essay Competition

The Foundation hosts the HJIUF National Essay Competition, an esteemed platform that invites undergraduate students to explore and dissect complex legal topics in scholarly writings.

National Virtual Mentorship and Internship Program For Law Students

The National Virtual Internship & Mentorship Program for Law Students (NVIMPLS) provides aspiring legal professionals with hands-on experience, mentorship, and practical skills to excel in their legal careers.

Sepsis Awareness Programme

Through this initiative, The Hon. Justice Innocent Umezulike Foundation is leading the awareness for one of life’s most threatening illness Sepsis through critical research and active media campaigns.

The Innocent Project

The Innocent Project is Africa’s first charity expedition, an initiative built on the power of relationships with other NGOs and businesses to address prevalent issues in certain communities across the African continent.


The Ugochukwu Azubike SME Development Initiative (TUASDI) is part of the Hon. Justice Innocent Umezulike Foundation, established in memory of Ugochukwu Chidera Azubike Umezulike, a brilliant entrepreneur whose vibrant life was cut short in 2010.


This is an innovative initiative by the Ugochukwu Azubike SME Development Initiative, born from our unwavering commitment to providing entrepreneurs with sound entrepreneurship education and professional insights.

TUASDI Grassroot & Business Workshop

Initiated by the Ugochukwu Azubike SME Development Initiative (TUASDI), this transformative project aims to empower youths in local communities with the knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurship.

TUASDI Market Outreaches

These market outreaches are a cornerstone of our commitment to grassroots empowerment and community development. This initiative connects local businesses with essential resources and support, aligning with our mission to foster economic growth and community resilience.

TUASDI Nationwide Virtual Business Bootcamp

This is a beacon of empowerment and innovation in entrepreneurship. As a pioneering initiative of the Ugochukwu Azubike SME Development Initiative (TUASDI), it equips participants with the essential knowledge and skills to start and sustain a business.

Empowering legal scholars for a more civil society